Code Generation...

Apr 20, 2014 at 2:19 AM
So my biggest woes in forking this code is that the code is generated, and I can't find where I would override that template.
Jul 10, 2014 at 5:44 AM
Actually, generated code is under ..\Mios\Generated folder.
  1. Open MiosSharper.Sln with Visual Studio
  2. In App.Config file you will see three keys.
    a. "folder" key specifies where the files will be generated. In the checked-in example, it is "D:\MiosFiles". So every time you run MiosSharper, it will create a Generate folder under "D:\MiosFiles". To avoid overwriting, the name will go like "Generate", "Generate_1", "Generate_2" etc. Copy everything from under latest Generate_ folder to Generated folder which under ..\Mios in the source code.
    b. "files" if you have a set of D_ or S_ xml files that you want MiosSharper to download and generate code for, you specify them in a text file and MiosSharper will download those xmls and generate related .cs files.
    c. "http" specifies how MiosSharper will connect to Vera if you have access to one.
  3. When you update these keys, you can run MiosSharper and get the results under "folder" you have specified.
Let me know if this helps.