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Differentiating full functionality from supported functionality


Vera controllers use device files (e.g. D_BinaryLight1.xml) and service files (e.g. S_SwitchPower1.xml) to define devices and their functionality. A portion of this library was generated with a tool that downloads all files from a given Vera controller and generates C# classes for each device type and service type. However current version of Mios (Vera OS) does not support all the defined StateVariables and Actions. This library needs to create a runtime supported/unsupported collection for actions and state variables.

For actions, this can be done per device type using lu_actions/actions Luup Request.

The library is usable without this feature. However caller should implement proper exception handling while calling Action methods or getting setting state variable properties.
Closed Mar 14, 2014 at 9:07 AM by ErcanT
Generated device files also contain comment section were implemented actions and state variables are listed for verified devices.