_Horstmann Relay How to Turn off and Turn on

Dec 10, 2014 at 4:31 PM
Hi All,

Quick question hopefully.

I have a _Horstmann Relay and I can get the data from the device.

I want to now turn it on and off in .net

Ive tried most things toggle, and setarget = HeatOn

Nothing is working

I have the following

var miosData = new UserData(miosEngine);
        // If configuration is populated you can use device name to create an instance


        var Device = (Heater1)miosEngine.GetDeviceByName(DeviceName);


        var something = Device.SHVAC_UserOperatingMode1.ModeTarget;

        var something23 = Device.SHVAC_OperatingState1.SetModeState("Heat");

        var reutrnVal = Device.SHVAC_OperatingState1.GetModeState();